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"The most multi-talented Internet download utility to come down the wires" -- PC World

      Go!Zilla v3.2 features Download Optimization -- GoZilla will intelligently switch between mirror sites to meet your minimum transfer speed requirements.

Recover from download errors and resume failed downloads, manage and categorize files to download later and get those files from the most responsive site with Go!Zilla.
Gather links to files that you want to download by simply dragging them from your favorite internet browser or with easy click and download integration. You manage and categorize your files using an intuitive Explorer-style interface. Instantly see file sizes, estimated download times and network connection performance. You can even add as many different locations for a single file as you can find or let Go!Zilla do the work by quickly searching FTP archives. Then when Go!Zilla retrieves the file for you, it checks all available locations and delivers the fastest possible connection. Now with download optimization, GoZilla will intelligently switch between mirror sites to meet your minimum transfer speed requirements.
Go!Zilla will even resume a failed download from both FTP and HTTP web sites.

Go!Zilla main screen Drag and Drop Right into User Defined Categories

Downloads can be started at any time, or scheduled for later when network traffic dies down. Go!Zilla will automatically connect to the internet, download, disconnect and even shut down your computer when it is done.

Grab all those links to files you want, but just don't want to download right now. Easily drop files from your browser into your own user defined categories. You can continue browsing at top speeds and when you're ready, Go!Zilla ensures that you'll download from the site that is operating at the quickest speed ... at that moment.

Finding the quickest host site

If you’re not downloading with Go!Zilla, you’re not really downloading.

Here’s a list of some of the major features for version 3:

  • Download Optimization. GoZilla will intelligently switch between mirror sites to meet your minimum transfer speed requirements. The intelligent site switching will never compromise the integrity of your final download.
  • SmartUpdate lets you monitor your favorite programs for updates and announcements. Automatically get the latest versions and information about programs you would like Go!Zilla to monitor.
  • Manage your categories using a folder-based Explorer interface. Easily drag and drop files between categories. Set file priorities and download behavior on a category by category basis.
  • Download bandwidth throttle lets you graphically set the speed of your downloads. Throttle down for those times you want to download and browse at the same time, set the throttle at full speed ahead for a downloading frenzy.
  • Improved integration with Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. Go!Zilla can even be automatically launched whenever you start a browsing session.
  • Super Link Leech lets you easily collect many files from FTP sites or web pages. It's like a complete FTP client and link extractor all within Go!Zilla.
  • Set a time when Go!Zilla stops all downloads and disconnects from the internet. Great for getting offline when phone rates increase.
  • Improved, even more efficient network transfer gives you the quickest download around.

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